Grace Maas

enough is enough is enough


“I am a multimedia artist studying Community Development at the Tyler School of Art. My art is grounded in sculpture. I am mostly making video art at the moment, but I also utilize painting, drawing, collage, spoken word, and glass. Through my art, I hope to create community, with the incorporation of public engagement and storytelling used to bridge gaps in our intertwining realities.

My piece, enough is enough is enough, draws inspiration from Persona, directed by Swedish filmmaker, Ingmar Bergman. I interspersed clips from the film with my footage, building a densely textured, fast-paced combination of audio, video, and experimental editing. The piece follows an emotional journey between two parallel sets of femme lovers who search for roles they deem to be "enough," individually and interpersonally. After coping with mania, warps in time and space, human desire and indulgences, tired but true transformation occurs.”

Video of enough is enough is enough

Instagram: @grasmas